On Sunday, April 9, the Asheville Citizen Times published an article about the much delayed I-26 bridge replacement just above Brevard Road, over Pond Road.    Please read and consider what this might be like, multiplied by 20-30 times the money and complexity, in 4B.

The link to the article (and a short video) can be found at Long-delayed I-26 bridge project nears completion.


  • Started in October 2012, will finish May or June of 2017
  • Replaces two bridges
  • Taking over 4.5 years to complete (over 1 year longer than planned)
  • 371 accidents between March 1, 2011 and January 31, 2017)
  • $2 Million in vehicle damages
  • Countless backups
  • Main contractor walked off job and is suing NCDOT, claiming lack of payment
  • NCDOT blames wrecks and backups on the requirement to keep traffic moving (something they have told us will be a "helpful" thing they do during the decade that they will be working on 4B.)

Per Robert Kelley, an attorney who has worked numbers of cases on behalf of injured people, "Ninety nine percent of the time its [the Temporary Traffic Control Plan] not implemented correctly because the guys in the field are not qualified to do the work."