The Don’t Wreck Asheville Coalition began coalescing in the summer of 2016 when a group of concerned Asheville residents began to understand that NCDOT’s plans for the I-26 Connector project were poised to happen and couldn’t be downsized/right-sized due to the constraints of federal highway design standards.   We knew then that we had to educate the public about the realities of this misguided mega-highway project that is completely out of scale with the region’s transportation needs.  That education began with a September 2016 public forum in Montford featuring NCDOT officials.  Their briefing made it crystal clear that the size and impacts of the highway project were beyond everyone’s worst fears. 

Thanks to the input of DWAC, the City passed a Resolution on December 13, 2016 to hire a multi-disciplinary consulting firm to assist it in negotiations with NCDOT by reviewing all the assumptions that are leading to the massive scope of this project.” 

More information about what’s wrong with the current I-26 Connector plans are detailed in the FACTS section of this website.